The following is listing of known books, manuscripts and articles as they pertain to the Plowden genealogy line in America. As we continue to update this website, much of this material will be made available online. For more information on these materials (if available), send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or write "The Descendents of Edward Plowden I" -  P.O. BOX 24217, Greenville, SC 29616. 

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"An overview of 800 years"
 by Jesse Clifton Plowden, Jr., 136 pages, published by McCain Printing, Danville VA, 1996.  (You can order copies of this book by sending $12.00 plus 2.00 shipping/handling to: Pat Plowden, 150 Westmoreland Ct.-#9, Danville, VA 24541)

"The Descendants of Edward Plowden I in America" by J. S. Plowden 1937.

"Peden - Plowden Families" by Harriet N. Chase, Genealogist, 1924.

"Record of Edward Plowden, 1st, who came to Williamsburg County, South Carolina in 1732 and his descendants".Compiled and edited by Robert W. Plowden, Florence, Alabama - May 1964.

"The Letters of Private John Covert Plowden, (1862-1865)" 164 pages (written to his wife, but edited by Henry B. Rollins, Prof. of English, Columbia College). Re-printed by Plowden's grandson, John Covert Daniels, 1970.

"Sir Edmund Plowden and the New Albion Charter, 1632-1785" by Edward C. Carter 2nd and Clifford Lewis, 3rd as seen in "The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography", Volume LXXXIII, Number 2, April, 1959.

A typed copy of "The Grant of King Charles the First, to Sir Edmund Plowden, Earl Palatine of Albion, of the Province of New Albion, in America, June 21, A.D., 1634", (16 pages).

Some Extracts Relating to Sir Edmund Plowden and Others from the Lost Minutes of the Virginia Council and General Court, 1642-1645 and Some Note on Sir Edmund Plowden's Attempt to Settle His Province of New Albion by Clifford Lewis, 3rd. Reprinted with permission, from William and Mary Historical Quarterly, January, 1940, 19 pages

"The History of Williamsburg" by William Willis Boddie, The State Company, 1923, (references on pgs 10, 13, 33, 57).