The first Plowden, (Francis Plowden)to come to America came as an English soldier in the war in which the English drove the Spanish out of Florida, in the early 1600's. Plowden was killed in that war and is buried in Florida.

Edward Plowden 1st, came to Williamsburg County, South Carolina in 1732, the first to settle in that county. He is the ancestor of all Southern Plowdens.

Edward Plowden 2nd was Colonial Assemblyman from South Carolina. He built a home in Williamsburg in 1772 of "home made" Cypress lumber which stands in perfect condition to this day.

Dr. Miles Hampton Plowden, 3rd generation, was a man of many talents. He was a medical doctor, a planter, a horticulturist, educator and developer of "one of the finest pineland plantations in this region". He introduced the Scoppanong Grape into South Carolina.

Edwin Dickey Plowden, 4th generation was the first volunteer in the first company that was organized in South Carolina in the Civil War. He lost his life during the first year of the war.

John Covert Plowden, a Confederate soldier, in Company I, 23rd Regiment. Fought numerous battles before being captured. Died in Elmira Prison Camp. Elmira, NY. (His grave is one of the few marked Confederate graves at Elmira).

Sir Edmund Plowden came to America in 1620. He was appointed governor of "New Albion", what we now know as New England. When the Romans invaded England in 55 B.C., they approached "The White Cliffs of Dover" and called it - England - "Albion" or White, hence, "New Albion". Sir Edmund is the ancestor of the Northern Branch of the Family.

Roger Plowden, the crusader, took part in the siege of Acre, A.D. 1191. He was awarded the Fleur de Lis, in addition to his Coat of Arms, for his outstanding service in that crusade. The Plowdens of Plowden Hall, Salop, Pedigree began with him at that time.