Miscellaneous Historical Photographs on file 

(soon to be accessible)


Photograph of John G. Plowden

Photograph of John Gabriel Plowden Family

Front view of "Plowden Hall" in England

Another "more recent" view of Plowden Hall

Photograph of Jesse Plowden at 90 years of age

"Screen Shot" of the website of the London Business School (showing various buildings including our keepsake)

Closer Shot of Plowden Building at London Business School

Emma Plowden (1878)

Young Wylie Plowden (1) 

Pearl Plowden

Pearl Plowden & kids

Wylie, Susie and Doug Plowden

Pearl Plowden, sister and father Wylie Plowden

Edmund Plowden  

Edmund Plowden's Tomb (at Middle Temple)

The Plowden Violin   (1735) by Guarneri, G. del GesĂș     listing pic 

A 1937 picture from of SC Pudding Swamp house owned by Edward Ransom Plowden 
 (as pictured in the 1954 Plowden Family directory)

A 90's picture of the Pudding Swamp house 

Hannah Plowden (former missionary in China)
Plowden Arms  (local pub in Shiplake, England)

Mary Plowden